What are the types of rotary encoder is?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
There are different kinds of rotary encoder, electronic production of the rotary encoder is the incremental rotary encoder, absolute rotary encoder, hollow type rotary encoder, magnetoelectric rotary encoder, according to the different ways to distinguish, rotary encoder has the following kinds: ( A) According to the working way classification 1. The incremental type encoder. When we turned a set of Angle displacement, the encoder will generate a pulse signal. The method generally have A, B two phase pulse signal output, A, B two phase here is the spacing between two quarter cycle signal output, and different ways of interval can be divided into different direction of rotation. Some encoder pulse signal, there will be the third phase is the single pulse. 2. The absolute value encoder. This is each to a fixed Angle will generate corresponding to a fixed value, when we use can use the related instruments measure and record multiple locations. ( 2) According to signal output methods of classification can be divided into open collector output, long drive output, the output voltage, complementary push-pull output, etc. ( 3) According to the encoder installation category 1. Axis coder. Divided into different material such as metal shaft, plastic shaft, shaft is divided into semicircular, circular shaft, and rachis different axis type, also divided into uniaxial and biaxial. 2. Hollow encoder. Is a kind of wafer ring rotary encoder, the middle is hollow out, the average diameter is larger, more for cars and large equipment debugging. ( 4) According to the working principle of the encoder classification 1. The photoelectric encoder. Is a kind of traditional encoder through the photoelectric conversion way, this kind of encoder consists of grating plate and photoelectric detection device, commonly used in speed, steering and displacement measurements, such as the encoder to the glass structure. 2. Mechanical rotary encoder. Is a way of through mechanical rotating transformation with contacts encoder signal, mainly by brush, signal of metal sheet and turn the pressure device, compared with photoelectric encoder USES more widely, the encoder is not only the measurement data, also can adjust cars, intercom, audio, medical, household appliances, electrical and mechanical equipment parameters, such as, fitness, the mouse, and press the switch function at the same time, in the vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution, anti-interference, etc have obvious advantages and lower cost, but because it is contact spin, so life is relatively limited. Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, rotary encoder models complete, the strength, advanced production and testing equipment, safe and reliable quality, delivery service guaranteed, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturers will find electronic!
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