What are the precautions for use of synthetic membrane encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Synthetic membrane encoder is a kind of commonly used adjustable encoder, let's look at what is a synthetic membrane encoder, encoder is synthetic membrane on the insulating substrate coating a layer of synthetic carbon film, after heating polymerization to form carbon diaphragm, and combination with other components in resistance, low cost, low noise, good stability is the characteristic of it. Using synthetic membrane encoder considerations for a grounding welding pieces of the encoder, the welding must be grounded, to prevent interference. Using synthetic membrane encoder note 2, current flows through the resulting voltage drop is high value when the encoder, shall not exceed the encoders allows maximum working voltage. Using synthetic membrane encoder note 3, in order to prevent the contact of the encoder, conductive layer spoiled or burned, small resistance encoder work current shall not exceed the maximum allowable junction current. Using synthetic membrane encoder note 4, in order to prevent the encoder value adjustment near zero current exceeds permissible maximum, the best combination of a current limiting resistor, in order to avoid encoder over-current and damage. Using synthetic membrane encoder notice five, all kinds of fine-tuning the encoder can be directly installed on the printed circuit board, but should pay attention to the arrangement of adjacent components, in order to make sure the encoder convenient adjustment and does not affect the adjacent components. Using synthetic membrane encoder notice six, the encoder must be solid and reliable when installation, should be tighten enough torque to tighten the nut application in place, in case of the loose deflection, touching one another and with other components, lead to circuit malfunction. Using synthetic membrane encoder notice seven, as a result of a few parts of the encoder is made of poly carbonate height and other synthetic resin, so don't in solution containing ammonia, amines, alkali and aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone and concentrations of halogenated hydrocarbon compounds and other chemicals big environment, in order to prolong the service life of the encoder. Using synthetic membrane encoder note don't use super load, eight, encoder to use within the rating. When the encoder as a rheostat to adjust current use, power consumption should be allowed and the moving contact point contact of brush stroke proportionally reduced, to ensure the flow of electric current shall not exceed the rated capacity of the encoder to allow, prevent the encoder failure due to partial overload. Using synthetic membrane encoder precautions should be taken before nine, use to check the quality of the encoder. The encoder shaft should be rotating flexible, elastic, appropriate mechanical noise. Use a multimeter to check nominal resistance, should comply with the requirements. If the encoder is measured with a multimeter fixed end and sliding resistance value between the terminal lugs, screw arbor in slow rotary encoder, whose hands should be steady rotation, no jumping phenomenon. Above 9 synthetic membrane encoder using the summary of the matters needing attention, hope to help everyone in the process of using adjustable encoder can better application.
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