What are the encoder output signal? How do we use the encoder output signal?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder is used for speed device, everyone in the process of practical application, will be in contact with the rotary encoder output signal types, I don't know everyone to understand whether these types? Today under the electronic to popularize knowledge on the subject. Rotary encoder signal sequence of the encoder output signal in addition to the two phase (A, B A, B two channel signal sequence phase difference of 90 degrees) , every turn a zero output pulse Z. 。 When the main shaft to rotate clockwise, output pulse, referring to the following figure before A channel signal in the B channel; When the main shaft rotate counterclockwise, A channel signal is located at the B channel. And so the spindle is forward or reverse. Sinusoidal output encoder output differential signal as shown in the figure below: rotary encoder of zero one revolution every send a pulse signal encoder, called zero pulse or pulse, zero pulse is used to determine the zero position or location. To accurately measure the zero pulse, regardless of direction of rotation, zero pulse were as two channel combinations of high output. As a result of the existence of phase difference between channels, zero pulse is only half the length of the pulse. Rotary encoder early warning signal of the encoder and alarm signal output, to power failure, light-emitting diodes, fault alarm, so that users replace the encoder in time. NPN/PNP open collector output ( NPN / PNP型集电极开路) Is the most basic way of output, anti-interference ability is poor, the output range is short. For incremental encoder output in the rotary encoder, use fewer now. Through the interpretation of the type of the output signal as rotary encoder, hope that we can according to the basic knowledge to have a comprehensive knowledge of rotary encoder. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Since 1991, focus on research and development production of rotary encoder, variety complete, advanced production testing equipment, stable quality, delivery time, over the years won praise of customers and society, the company has professional r&d team, design requirements, if any, welcome to inquire!
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