What are the encoder coupling of room for improvement?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
The encoder coupling, coupling of motor and encoder is dedicated to the connection. Customers will consider when choosing the encoder coupling, its working performance, service life, reliability, and whether there is a noise, etc. , but in the use of will have not the heart place, where the encoder coupling in use is need to change? The encoder coupling is a integrated metal elastic coupling. It is suitable for small torque of shaft coupling, zero clearance rotation, the encoder coupling production has many advantages, the machining accuracy is higher. Look at the encoder coupling what needs to be improved. 1, the structure is complex, the adjustment of the machine and maintenance more difficult. 2, low efficiency, and a slow movement speed, reduce the production efficiency, for quick small encoder coupling, is better than simple flexible crank press. 3, encoder coupling due to manufacture, installation, deformation and temperature variation of loaded, when to install, it is difficult to keep two axis strictly accurate. Encoder coupling quality directly affects the working efficiency between two axes, so the structure improvements, design can make the rotor relative to the stator of the self-aligning structure automatically, and redesign of some parts and related experiments. The results show that the improved encoder coupling is greatly reduced, the main performance index optimization greatly, and reduces the cost, there is a big promotion and application value. The encoder coupling is broken? If the encoder coupling bad may have the following results: 1, the equipment can't rotate; 2, the encoder measurements is wrong; 3, cause the axis offset of coupling, damaged encoder, encoder scrap; Shanghai electronics is 26 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder, research and development production of magnetoelectric encoder is a cost-effective rotary encoder, this magnetoelectric encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and lower cost, worth it! Looking for magnetoelectric encoder manufacturer is looking for Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD.
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