What are the advantages of hollow encoder? In what fields application?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Hollow encoder device used in car, the car's air conditioner and audio equipment in the operations department with knob type control device, in this kind of operation device, often see the need to install operating in the central part of the button switch or a small liquid crystal displays, etc. Hollow encoder perfectly realize the demand. Hollow encoder advantages: (1) large hollow space can cope with more functional needs, making it possible to free functionality, visual design. Help to improve the whole machine design degrees of freedom. (2) long service life. (3) to achieve the good feeling and downy sense of positioning (4) operating on the inner diameter increase guide lines, reduce the operating axis of loose application of hollow encoder (1) the car air conditioning temperature, air volume adjustment control (2) the car stereo, etc all kinds of control (3) the car navigation application control (4) of ordinary household appliances such as microwave ovens and washing machine control Shanghai electronic products 25 years experience in producing hollow encoder manufacturers, models complete, 18MM- Optional) around 100 mm. , the product operating feel is good, service life is long, has been the brand car designated suppliers of cooperation, looking for hollow encoder electronics manufacturer chooses.
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