What are some of the characteristics of synthetic carbon film encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Synthesis of carbon film encoder, it has the following features: 1. A wide range of impedance values low resistance can do 100 Ω, high resistance of 2. 2 mΩ; 2. Mechanical durability: general for more than 10000 weeks, some varieties has reached to 1 million weeks. 3. High frequency characteristics is better, in electronic circuit, can be used to 20 MHZ occasion; 4. Resistance temperature characteristic is poor, its temperature coefficient is generally & plusmn; 1000~± 2000 ppm; 5. Load power is low, the rated power normally only ashes to zero point zero zero a few to zero, add heat sink, highest can only do 2 w; 6. Humidity resistance characteristic is poor, be affected with damp be affected with damp resistance changes after up to 15 ﹪; 7. Rotation ( Slide) Noise is big, normally only reached 47 mv/V. Shanghai electronics factory, 26 years old encoder encoder to thank customers trust and support, since all the way named 'best supplier by customers for many times, find the encoder electronics manufacturer chooses.
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