Welding specification of adjustable encoder and the matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Adjustable encoder model there are many, the corresponding terminal also has many types, so also can appear many problems when welding. Power point welding terminal guide of adjustable encoder, so it is relatively easy to welding. Fine-tuning of the encoder power small lead also very fine, the welding is also more difficult. Encoder terminal is generally 3 pin or 3 feet lead, PCB hole welding and ordinary as welding device, SMD encoder when welding and other SMD components of welding method. Adjustable encoder welding problems need attention. During welding, to the requirement of temperature and time have some welding best can complete within 3 s, when the environment temperature in 270 & deg; The following, otherwise, will cause poor contact of the encoder. Try to avoid using water-soluble flux when welding, avoid contributed to metal oxide and mold material. Soldering is to avoid solder flow through the circuit board, avoid to cause poor contact. Through the above learned welding specification of adjustable encoder and the matters needing attention, hope to help friends in the process of using adjustable encoder avoid some mistakes of the better use of adjustable encoder. Shanghai electronic 26 years, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder encoder model is complete, good quality, good after-sales service, trustworthy, encoder manufacturers seek electronic!
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