Using method of incremental encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder is a kind of will by adopting the method of photoelectric shaft is converted to a digital signal output of the mechanical Angle sensors, divided into incremental rotary encoder and absolute rotary encoder, today we have about the use of the incremental rotary encoder. Incremental rotary encoder is directly using the principle of photoelectric conversion output three square wave pulse phase A, B and Z; A, B two groups of pulse phase difference of 90 degrees, thus can easily judge the direction of rotation, and Z phase for each turn A pulse, for reference point positioning. It has the advantage of simple principle structure, mechanical life expectancy can be in the tens of thousands of hours, strong anti-jamming capability, high reliability, suitable for long distance transmission, its disadvantage is can't output shaft rotation absolute position information. A resolution of the differences, incremental rotary encoder, with using each lap measure, the number of pulses produced from 6 to 5400 or higher, pulse number, the more the higher the resolution; This is one of the important basis for selection. Second, the incremental rotary encoder usually have three way signal output ( Difference have all signal) : A, B and Z, generally USES the TTL level, A pulse in the former, pulse in the B, A, B, pulse is 90 degrees, each lap sends A Z pulse, mechanical zero can be used as A reference. Generally use A forward B or B ahead of A sentence to, my company is defined as the incremental rotary encoder shaft encoder clockwise when looking for forward, A leading B for 90 & deg; , on the other hand counterclockwise for reverse B ahead of A 90 & deg; 。 Also has not the same, want to see the product description. Third, using PLC to collect data, can choose high speed counting module; Using industrial computer data, can choose high speed counting board; Using single chip microcomputer to collect data, it is suggested that chooses input port with photoelectric coupler. Four, proposed B pulse for consequent ( The forward) Do the reverse pulse, A pulse ( Backward) Pulse, Z origin zero pulse. Fifth, sets up the count in the electronic device stack.
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