Use these adjustable encoder the note you know?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Shanghai electronic products since 91 began to do the encoder, there are 26 years old, customers in automotive electronics, home electronics, multimedia, mixer, interphone, electronic toys, household, aerospace, military industry and other fields, today, electronic to summarize the use the matters needing attention of adjustable encoder 11 a. m. , expect the new and old customers in the use process pay close attention to the following 11 o 'clock. 1. The resistance of the material is usually adjustable encoder carbonic acid compounds as main ingredients, so try to avoid in the process of storage and use of with alkaline solution and acid solution, ammonia, amine compounds, aromatic compounds, ketone lipid compounds, strong acid, strong alkali and other items close contact, prevent the interaction of reaction influence function and life of the encoder. 2. About adjustable encoder terminal foot welding on the plate, should try to choose good quality flux when using flux, don't use inferior flux, lest cause solder is difficult, lead to the end terminal feet and panel poor contact, short-circuit fault circuit. Also don't choose water-soluble flux, avoid to promote encoder mold material oxidation, affect the service life of the encoder. 3. In terminal adjustable encoder foot welding, must pay attention to the welding temperature not too high and the welding time not too long, to avoid causing damage to the encoder. Adjustable encoder needs a 1 when welding. As the base of single copper clad laminates of 6 mm thick plate, base plate with around 100 ℃ preheat temperature for 1 minute. Machine soldering temperature in 260 & plusmn; 5 ℃, the manual welding temperature in 300 & plusmn; 5 ℃, time is 3 seconds. Other welding of avoid by all means use the solder flow in circuit boards, and don't let the terminal feet by weight, lest cause terminal foot damage. 4. When welding to adjust the height of the flux in the machine, to avoid flux into inside the rotary encoder, lest cause carbon brush and diaphragm between poor contact, when the operation resistance noise is produced. 5. Adjustable encoder is best when applied in voltage regulation circuit structure, the ground and 1 foot, try not to use in current control circuit structure, because the contact resistance between the brushes and carbon diaphragm hindered the large current regulation. 6. When the day is cold when using and storing adjustable encoder, to prevent the surface of the rotary encoder dew frost water droplets, usually use must be moistureproof measures, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the insulation of the encoder, caused a short circuit to circuit. 7. When installing a adjustable encoder fixed nut, don't be too tight the nut screw, to avoid damage the thread and preventing rotation; For straight slide type encoder, don't choose too long screw when installed, ontology and avoid damaging encoder block sliding back and forth. 8. When to install adjustable encoder knob cover, use the installation of the thrust do not too big, or it will cause damage the encoder itself, the installation of specific thrust can refer to the specifications of the encoder push-pull torque. 9. According to the structure characteristics of adjustable encoder usually rotating torque will be affected by temperature, generally smaller, according to the temperature increase with the temperature decrease and become bigger. So if you need to use under high temperature or low temperature environment encoder, that is about the use of special materials and grease. 10. Custom adjustable encoder when try to choose the structure of the shaft is shorter, because of the shorter the shaft feel is, the better the more stable, if the shaft length will be shaking a lot, feel is easy to become worse. 11. Adjustable encoder the resistance of the carbon film on the job are the highest temperature is 70 ℃, if the temperature over 70 ℃ can lead to encoder failure, pay special attention to this. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of adjustable encoder for 26 years, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, such as motor encoder, size multiple-choice with complete varieties, can also be customized according to customer demand, looking for professional manufacturer of encoder is 26 years old, encoder manufacturers - Electrons.
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