Use of adjustable encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder is a kind of circuit is often used in electronic components, the effect of adjustable encoder is used for partial pressure precision variable resistor. Is basically a slide rheostat, have a good variety of styles, according to the requirements of the design to select the appropriate style of adjustable encoder. About the use of adjustable encoder, we standardize operations, to ensure the normal function of the adjustable encoder and service life. 1. Appearance should be adjustable encoder to prevent condensation or water exists, prevent humid in local use, in order to prevent the insulation deterioration or short circuit. 2. Adjustable encoder shaft or sliding handle when using the design should be as short as possible. Axis or smooth shank length and the shorter the better feel safe. Whereas the longer shaking, the greater the feel is easy to change. 3. On the set of adjustable encoder knob in the process, the thrust cannot be used too much, No more than 'specification' axis of push pull the parameters of the target) , or you will be able to form damage to the adjustable encoder. 4. Adjustable encoder reversal operation ( Rotating or sliding) Can follow the rise of temperature and light weight, tight with the temperature drop. When used in low temperature environment adjustable encoder need to clarify, in order to choose a special resistance to low temperature grease. 5. Best used in voltage adjustment layout, adjustable encoder and wiring methods should be chosen '1' feet ground; Should prevent the use of current adjustment type layout, the resistance and resistance against touching piece between the large current. 6. Devices' type rotary encoder in a fixed nut, strength shoulds not be too tight, Often the tightening torque in 7 KGF. CM) To prevent damage the teeth or bad shift, etc. ; Devices' iron shell straight slide type encoder, prevent the use of long screw, or be able to hinder the movement of the sliding handle, and even directly damage the encoder itself. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of adjustable encoder for 27 years, adjustable encoder models complete, professional production of various kind of adjustable encoder: straight slide encoder, rocker encoder and rotary encoder, take the motor encoder, etc. , the specification is complete, can meet the demand of diversity, can also according to customer's requirement to customize the size, for domestic looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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