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by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is a kind of sophisticated electronic components, in the process of assembly used to strictly abide by the use of encoder specifications, in order to avoid damage the encoder, result in abnormal performance, so that can't use, electronic summarizes the following encoder used points for attention, you should pay attention to the following problems in the process of using. 1. Want to avoid rigid connection and encoder, plate spring should be adopted. 2. Encoder when installation should gently push the bedding bag axis, it is forbidden to use hammers, so as not to damage the shafting and encoder. 3. Use for a long time, please check whether the plate spring encoder relatively loose; Whether fixed encoder screw loose. 4. About the encoder shaft and solid shaft encoder client using elastic soft connection between the output shaft, in order to avoid the user shaft encoder shaft caused by the string of dynamic and beat and the damage of the encoder. Pay attention to the allowable axial load. Should guarantee the encoder shaft and output shaft of the user is not alignment & lt; 0. 20 mm, with axis Angle & lt; 1. 5° 。 When installation, it is forbidden to knock and break the collision, in order to avoid damage of shafting and encoder. 5. About electrical grounding line should be thick, the general should be greater than & phi; 3. Encoder signal lines don't received on dc or ac current, so as not to damage the output circuit. Encoder output lines do not overlap each other, so as not to damage the BEN encoder output circuit. Connected with encoder of the motor and other equipment, can good, don't have a static electricity. Before shooting, should carefully check, product manuals and encoder model match, wiring is correct. 6. The wiring should be shielded cable. 7. Long distance transmission, the signal attenuation factors should be considered, choose low output impedance, strong anti-jamming capability of the output. 8. Avoid use in strong electromagnetic environment. 9. About environmental encoder is a precision instrument, should pay attention to when using around the presence of the source of vibration and interference sources. Please pay attention to the environment temperature, humidity is in the range of instruments use requirement. Not leak proof of the structure of the encoder don't splash water, oil, etc. , when it is necessary to add shield is relative to the increment of absolutely, just as its name implies, is the so-called absolute encoder output signal in a week or more in the process of operation, the position and Angle in each corresponding output code values are the only, so, will have the power of your memory functions. Absolute encoder is determined by mechanical position of each position is unique, it does not need memory, don't need to find a reference point, and don't always count, when you need to know, when to go to read it. In this way, the anti-interference characteristics of the encoder, the reliability of data greatly improved. Shanghai electronic products company specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, trustworthy! At home and abroad, encoder type can be perfect to replace brand encoder. Research and development production of magnetoelectric encoder, performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and lower cost, are widely used in robot, automatic production lines, automatic assembly machine, elevator, textile machinery, sewing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, CNC machine tools, mapper and Angle measuring instrument, etc. Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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