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The working principle of the encoder pin

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
The encoder is a kind of common electronic components, and the encoder pin mainly by changing the resistance in the circuit to adjust the size of the voltage and current, applied to all kinds of needs to adjust the working point and frequency point of electronic products. Today we are going to understand the knowledge of related encoder pin, and the working principle of the encoder pin. Take a look at, encoder pin test results using encoder pin plus & plusmn; 5 v voltage, two side will lap encoder pin respectively connected with an external power source, the moving contact ( Slide foot) After zero ( Ground) , adjust the encoder output value, the duty to 0, systems in turn. Rotary encoder shaft, the output voltage of +, along a certain direction; Another direction along the conversely. What is the encoder pin? Encoder pin VCC power supply is feet, GND and voltage signal output power negative the feet Vout, the key is to include TX and serial data receive serial data to send the feet RX. Sent via leads to serial data on the encoder foot TX and RX serial data receiving foot, users can use the two pins and according to their own needs to modify internal encoder processing algorithm, improving the application range of the encoder. In order to meet specific application scenarios, include encoder pin switch signal output foot K, when the potential signal reaches a certain threshold, the encoder itself output switch signal, control an external device, reducing the costs of external control circuit design. Described in the foot switch signal output K output signal can also be for PWM signal, continuous PWM output waveform, type is used to control the PWM input devices. Encoder pin is a terminal, the resistance value can be adjusted according to some kind of change rule of resistance element. It usually consists of resistance body and removable brush or sliding system composition, when brush along the resistance movement, on the output side won the relations with the displacement with a certain resistance or voltage. Namely when the resistance between two fixed electric shock, plus a voltage by rotating or sliding system change the location of the contact on the resistor body, between the fixed contact and moving contact can be a relationship with the moving contact position with a certain voltage. Working principle of the encoder pin encoder has two pins fixed arm, in use, shall be determined according to the requirements of the circuit access, such as radio encoder pin access according to the following method: if the spin counterclockwise rotation encoder will handle switch off, 3 pin for the grounding end fixed arm, pronounce arm l pin signal. Encoder pin in the circuit, the main function is the partial pressure, pressure ratio increases with encoder one official of the movable arm Angle increases. Volume of the radio is the town of variational pressure encoder pin. Before all add on both ends of the encoder rp level signal, the slave arm 2 get a certain partial pressure ratio of signal to power amplifier stage, rotating movable arm change of partial pressure ratio, is changed to the size of the signal power amplifier level, achieve the goal of volume. Through as an example, I believe that everybody on the encoder pin will have to know ~ 27 years, Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of encoder encoder models complete, the factory most of the parts form a complete set of production, can be customized according to customer's requirements, resistance, linear, years of experience in research and development production, easy availability! To find the strength find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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