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The working principle of switch, the encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Now many designers prefer to choose switch, encoders, because space saving, time saving, energy saving, save the cost, then switch, functions and roles of the encoder you understand? Today we are going to have a thorough understanding of lower switch encoder. Switch, the classification of the encoder: switch forms, spring rotary dial heads and rotary and push-pull type 3 kinds. Switch, the role of the encoder: driven by the shaft of the encoder, rise to disconnect and connect the power function. With switch working principle of the encoder: spring pendulum block is the rotation axis of rotation drive rotary switch, encoder, one end of the spring pendulum block, the other end of the moving contact, by the motion of the pendulum block, make the spring to beat, and so on or off. Pull head rotary encoder switch by a shaft driven CAM, insulation by CAM high head device, so as to achieve the switch function. Both encoder USES single-pole single-throw normally, often apply to low current, low voltage electronic instruments. Push-pull type switch, the encoder shaft pull or push movement, through the role of the spring contact lever and the two contacts connected or disconnected, reach the role of switch. This type of encoder switch contact performance is good, with silver tungsten alloy, good conductivity, switch can be large current and arc resistance effects. Adjust good encoder switch function, through the axial push pull for repetitive movements do not affect the adjustment of the encoder, which is advantageous to the encoder longer lifespans. The encoder switch is usually double pole double throw type, suitable for TV and high-grade tape recorder. Shanghai electronic production of switch, encoders, external shapes, models a multiple-choice, saving you time and cost to open mould, etc. , product quality, passed TS16949 quality system ISO9001 ISO14001 certification, looking for a manufacturer is looking for the electronic switch, encoder.
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