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The working principle and advantages of the incremental encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Incremental encoder is a kind of rotary encoder, also is a kind of encoder are frequently used in the market, it is to convert the displacement to periodic signal, and then convert the electrical signals into count pulse, the pulse number can be used to calculate the displacement, distance, speed and Angle. Today let's learn about the working principle and advantages of the incremental encoder. The working principle of incremental encoder, the incremental encoder with the axis of rotation of uniform upon grating pulse encoder, evenly distributed on the encoder with a number of pervious to light shading section and section. The characteristics of the incremental encoder is: it has no definite starting zero, the output is pulse is proportional to the Angle increment, counter has to be used to gauge the pulse number. Every turn a pervious to light, so it sends a pulse signal, counter current value plus 1, counting result corresponds to the Angle increment. So the encoder is the angular displacement or linear displacement is transformed into electric signal of a device. Touch choose brush output, a brush touch conductive area or insulation area to indicate the status of the code is' 1 'is' 0'; Not touch on sensitive element is photosensitive components or magnetic sensor, when choosing photosensitive element with pervious to light and opaque to indicate the status of the code is' 1 'is' 0'. The advantages of the incremental encoder: incremental encoder ( Electronic hand wheel) Colors are: a touch, without conflict and wear, small volume, light weight, compact organization, installation is convenient, the protection of a brief, drive torque is small, it has high precision, large range measurement, fast response, digital output characteristic; Incremental encoder is very appropriate measuring speed, unlimited accumulation measurement. But there is zero of the accumulative errors, poor anti-interference, acceptance of equipment power outage to recall, boot should change, or refer to a question, these questions such as the selection must be able to handle an encoder. Built-in battery skills: some encoders with built-in battery power to prevent the signal is lost, there are also some encoder ( Electronic hand wheel) Circle is sure signal, but the number of queens signal is built-in battery and circuit using incremental counting method to obtain, this is a pseudo certainly an encoder, its the battery life, battery failure at low temperature, the battery contact bad factor such as influence of vibration, and dramatically reduced reliability. The general application of incremental encoder speed, rotation, moving Angle and distance measurement ( Relative) 。 Encoder first choice according to the measurement requirements in the selection of the type of the encoder, the number of pulses per turn out incremental encoder is equal to its number of grating lines. When the design should be according to the requirements of the speed measurement or positioning degrees, and the speed of the encoder, to determine the encoder line number. Encoder installed on the motor shaft, or the installation after the reduction of a rotating shaft, the speed of the encoder are very different. It should also be considered the highest frequency of the pulse is within the scope of the PLC high-speed counter to allow. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder manufacturers. Can according to customer demand custom type or absolute encoder, incremental encoder/pulse and dimension precision meet the needs of the customers, power production factory, has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the production quality carefree! Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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