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The volume encoder wiring diagram, super practical

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
The volume encoder is actually three line logarithmic type variable resistance! How the volume encoder wiring? As shown in the figure below, the head amplifier, among input connection at the beginning of the end line of the output audio signal source. Want to use metal coat shielding wire connection! Coat ground! Double track two coaxial! Connection is the same! Grounding apart! Using a double encoder, it can control the sound volume. As shown above can be used to make the volume control encoder connection reference. Diagram is 6 foot duplex coder, if is 8 feet of that kind of, 2 on the left is commonly used to do, such as loudness, can not meet, six feet above encoder connection reference. Generally speaking, there are linear encoder resistance curve types ( B) And index ( Type A) The two types. If you use figure 1 connection to control the volume, should use the index type encoder, this encoder to adjust the same point of view, the human ear to hear the volume change is almost the same. And in some cases, such as tone circuit, may require a linear encoder. General resistance in linear encoder BXXX, XXXB, general resistance index encoder in AXXX, XXXA, XXX value refers to the encoder. B50k, for example is linear encoder, 50 kohm resistance. More information can focus on the company's official website:
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