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The volume encoder failure reason is what?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
The volume encoder is a kind of adjustable volume adjustable encoder. Volume in daily use encoder will fail, the failure reason is what? First, we come to understand the principle of volume encoder, it is formed by a resistor and a rotating or sliding system. The encoder is used for partial pressure of the variable resistor. On the resistance of the bare body, tightly holding up one or two movable metal contact. Contact position to determine the resistance between both sides and contact resistance. According to the output to the input voltage ratio and rotation Angle of the relationship between linear encoder ( A linear relationship) Encoder, function ( A curve relationship) 。 Main parameters of resistance, tolerance, and rated power. The volume encoder advantages, it is widely used in automotive amplifier, radio, multimedia audio, electronic equipment, audio receiver, mixer, etc, in the above products volume control, the action of volume. The product has good sealing, stable function, feel is torque evenly, beautiful appearance, is convenient for use. Have different resistance, linear, axial length products to choose from. Volume encoder usually prone to failure and the reasons are as follows: (1) the volume encoder bad noise, causes of the failure is: rough surface deformation, carbon brush and with coarser particles, surface dirt, customer circuit power, track down don't match, etc. ; (2) the volume of the encoder output or mono, causes of the failure is: the deformation caused by contact INT, carbon brush lines and the wind tore off by artificial or terminal after soldering tin caused by loose contact; (3) after the solder volume encoder function failure, the failure cause is: the product can't through the customer's soldering process or error in the selection of customers, such as ordinary material wave soldering, we adopted the POM plastic material is easy to deformation, resin plate riveting terminal are prone to loose, so lead to product failure; Awareness of the volume of the encoder failure after, we know what is the cause of failure for timely replacement and avoid operation.
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