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The various Cameras I Always Use

by:HENGXIANG     2020-06-12
One incredibly frequent questions I get is what cameras I use, while in the my blog statistics l've noticed that some at times googled this query + my name lately, so this is the little line up of the various cameras I usually use. Zenit-B (with Helios-44 58mm/2 and Pentacon 29mm/2.8 lenses) This may occur my all-time favorite camera (as you might have noticed). It requires regular 35mm film, usual no light meter and is also completely owners manual. The film I use using this camera is mostly Fuji Superia (iso 200, 400 or 800) or 40.5mm UV Camera Filtration system. Photina Reflex & Zeiss Ikoflex 1a These are twin lens (because of these two 'eyes' on each) medium format cameras that takes 120 film (6x6). The Zeiss part of Leo, checked out is offers he ways to use most of his photographs. I use it as well sometimes since i have think the sharpness involving the Zeiss-lens is more advanced than the lens on the Photina. The film I (or we) use technology are mostly Kodak Portra (iso 160 or 400) or Fuji Superia (iso 100 or 400). Polaroid SX-70 The ultimate polaroid camera, in my eyes. It requires various kinds of film - Time-Zero, Tz Artistic, Fade to Black, 600 film and the new monochrome and color shade films cooked by the impossible project; PX-70 and PX-100. I mostly use 600 film without any modification of this camera or ND-filters that some say is needed, contemplating iso speed of the 600 film isn't very similar to the original SX-70 action. I simply set the lighten-darken control on the darkest point, and it always works fine. In addition to the 600 film I sometimes use Tz Artistic, and i also have three packs of PX-70 color shade inside my fridge that waiting to be. Polaroid Image System This camera is quite similar to the SX-70 above (not when it comes to its apperance though), however the format is slightly . While the SX-70 produces square prints, people System provides more rectangular in shape prints. This camera takes Spectra, Image or 990 film, and there might be other associated with film as well, but these three would be the I'm experienced with and used. Polaroid Colorpack II This is really a camera that can take type 100-film (and there's lots pick from, you should consider some on the impossible project's shop), and this is quite different compared into the polaroid cameras above. It uses peel-apart film that you basically pull out of your camera yourself after using a picture (in other words - to be able to doesn't eject the print like other 43mm UV Optical Filter for Slr Lens usually do), anyone then let the sheet of film develop for several minutes, and at last you peel off the developed photograph among the sheet. Outcomes are commonly a little 'smeared', especially if the film is expired. I've mostly used 125i and 669 films with this camera, together with Fuji FP-100C and FP-3000B. Fuji Instax 210 This could be the ugliest camera of all time, it's huge and it's really a little loud when turning it on and off, around the gives you very nice prints automobiles colordepth. Dust and grime like an average polaroid camera - consider a picture and paper pops gone. This model uses Instax wide format film. To scan negatives and polaroid prints I use an Epson Perfection 3200. I additionally been getting a lot of questions about where spend money on polaroid cameras and film, so here are a quick little guide: You will find and buy both polaroid cameras and film on ebay US, UK, your own country's version of ebay (or tradera if reside in Sweden) or fleamarkets and thriftstores. I've also noticed some cameras on Etsy one in a while. You might buy film from the impossible undertaking. Just make sure to buy film to suit the camera you're using. Looking further IMFORMATION, however visit: China wholesale http://www.kcrcn.com/
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