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The use of the rotary encoder principle

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable rotary encoder is a kind of rotary encoder, we should follow the encoder when using a rotary encoder using standard, so that a more reasonable use of rotary encoder, unapt rotary encoder performance is bad, prolong the service life of the rotary encoder. 1, to avoid the contact of rotary encoder, conductive layer metamorphosis or burned, small resistance of the rotary encoder work current shall not exceed the maximum allowable junction current. 2, the multimeter to check nominal resistance, should comply with the request. If the multimeter measurement encoder fixed end and sliding resistance value between the terminal lugs, the slow knob screw arbor type adjustable encoder, whose hands should be steady rotation, no cavort phenomenon. Should be taken before use to check the quality of rotary encoder. Rotary encoder shaft rotation is sensitive, proper tightness and the presence of no mechanical noise. 3, rotary encoder should be strong, when the device should be tighten enough torque to tighten the nut application in place, in order to avoid the long-term use of loose shift, collision with other components, ten circuit an exception occurs. Not in 4, rotary encoder, halogenated hydrocarbons containing ammonia, ketones and aromatic amine, alkali solution concentration of hydrocarbons and other chemicals use big environment, because the parts knob type adjustable encoder is freed by poly carbonate etc. Made of synthetic resin, it can prolong the service life of the rotary encoder. 5, rotary encoder, severe damage to demand a change in the new rotary encoder, the best choose model and value the same with the original encoder rotary encoder, should also be wary of the rotary encoder axial length and shaft end appearance should match with the original knob. 6, in order to ensure that rotary encoder is convenient and is not affected by adjacent components, rotary encoder can be directly on the printed circuit board device, but should pay attention to the arrangement of the adjacent components. 7, rotary encoder to use within the rating, cannot be used over load. When rotary encoder as a rheostat control current use, in order to guarantee the flow of current is not beyond the encoders allows rating, should avoid rotary encoder failure due to partial overload, and power consumption should be allowed and the moving contact point contact brush stroke into ratio decreases. To avoid resistance near zero adjustment of encoder beyond the allowed maximum current, the best combination of a current limiting resistor, in order to prevent the rotary encoder over-current and damage. 8, grounding welding pieces of rotary encoder, in order to prevent interference, welding pieces must be grounded. 9, rotary encoder cannot exceed the maximum allowable working voltage electric current flows through the voltage produced high value when the rotary encoder. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, according to the customer provide the axis of rotation encoder type, long axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeves, the resistance and its linear error values, as well as professional custom size, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the quality of large cargo carefree! Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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