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The sensor installation considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Sensor is a kind of testing device, can feel the measured information, and can detect feel the information, will change according to certain rule become electrical signal output, or other form of information needed to satisfy the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements. It is the first step of automatic detection and automatic control. So, sensor installation should pay attention to what issues? Electronic summarizes the following four points, we hope you pay attention to in the process of using. ( 1) Internal circuit board and other parts replacement and related operations must be conducted by professional engineers or technicians. ( 2) Before open the shell cover shall ensure that equipment without electricity for at least 10 min. Open the shell cover should be conducted by professional engineers or technicians. ( 3) Explosion-proof type must be transferred to a safe area for maintenance, disassembly and assembly. ( 4) Converter circuit board component contains sensitive components, may be damaged by static electricity. Careful operation so as to avoid direct contact with the circuit design of electronic components or circuit boards, the corresponding anti-static measures as needed. Shanghai electronics is a professional production speed Angle displacement distance measurement sensors, safe and reliable quality, the products are used in robot, automatic production lines, automatic assembly machine, elevator, textile machinery, sewing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, CNC machine tools, mapper and Angle measuring instrument, etc. Find find electronic sensor manufacturer.
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