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The selection of the encoder must consider these!

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder model in the market has many models, the model, how to select the correct encoder to not purchase encoder waste of financial resources of energy, electronic encoder are summarized the technical parameters of type selection must be considered before, for your reference. A mechanical part 1, encoder. 2 measuring length or Angle. Install form 3 shaft connection. Use environment, dust, moisture, shock, impact. Second, the encoder electrical part 1. Connect the output of the receiving part 2. 3 signal form. 4 resolution requirements. Three, absolute encoder type selection control requirements: the absolute value encoder every position is absolutely the only, anti-interference, without power lost memories. 1. Resolution and position accuracy of about 2. About 3 appearance size and installation space. Axis allows weight-bearing and life, the relationship between installation position 4. To allow maximum RPM ( The highest response frequency) Motor drive shaft, such as the relationship between revolution and resolution of 5. Output control part for the phase difference and NC machinery matching case 6. 7 on the relationship between the environmental adaptability and the use of the environment. Incremental type OR absolute encoder selection considering cost, to see whether detecting absolute position when cut off power supply. Incorrect data, such as noise resistance. Four, selection of rotary encoder requirements: when choosing the model of rotary encoder, please pay attention to the following: 1 resolution: appearance size and position precision of the relationship between 2:3 axis allows the relationship between load and installation space, and the life, the relationship between installation condition 4 allows maximum speed: motor and the drive shaft of the relationship between revolution and the resolution of the output phase 5: with CN machinery with the matching of control part 6 adaptability to the environment, and using the environment the relationship between 7 incremental type, absolute value type: considering the cost, whether you need absolute position can be detected when cut off power supply, have counters, such as noise resistance. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, the encoder model complete, can perfect replacement brand at home and abroad and encoder. Power factory, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, can be customized products perfect, can be customized according to customer's requirements type incremental encoder or absolute encoder, can customize the precision of the encoder, pulse, and the size of the encoder, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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