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The role of industrial robot sensor

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Now China's industrial intelligent manufacturing equipment, with new type of sensor, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automation of complete sets of production line system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry preliminary formation, the intelligence of a major breakthrough of manufacture equipment. From 2012, the overall data analysis, there is still a significant problem, intelligent manufacture equipment industry in China mainly displays in: technology innovation ability is weak, the new sensor and advanced control, the core technology of others; Industry foundation is weak, high-grade and special sensors, intelligent instruments and meters, automatic control system, high-grade CNC system, robot market share of less than 5%. But, with the popularization and application of sensor technology, the development of robot is in focus, but also because the progress of sensor technology, make the development of industrial robots have support. Then, sensors in the industrial robot plays a what kind of role? Sensors in order to promote orderly and rapid development of China's industrial robot has successfully. Sensor is used to detect the working state of the robot, robot and intelligent detection external work environment and core components of the state of the object. Can feel the provisions is measured and converted into usable output signal according to certain rules of device or devices. Give an example of use. To test the operation object and environment or robots and their relationships, installed in the robot tactile sensor and visual sensor, Angle sensor ( Or Angle module) , force sensor, nearly sensor, ultrasonic sensor and sound sensors, robot working conditions are greatly improved, so it can more fully complete complex tasks. In the same way, in order to achieve in a complex, dynamic and uncertainty environment of autonomy, now gradually developed countries are visual, auditory, pressure sensitivity and thermal sensation, force sensor, and a variety of different functions of sensor reasonably combined together, form the robot perception system, to provide more detailed information from the outside environment for robot, thus enabling the robot to the external environment change to make real-time, accurate and flexible response behavior. Shanghai electronic production of measuring distance Angle displacement speed sensor is widely used in robot, automatic production lines, automatic assembly machine, elevator, textile machinery, sewing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, CNC machine tools, mapper and Angle measuring instrument, etc.
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