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The principle and advantages of magnetoelectric encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Principle of the magnetoelectric encoder magnetoelectric encoder is a new type of Angle or displacement measuring system, its principle is to use magnetic resistance or hall element to change the Angle of the magnetic material or displacement measurement, the change of the magnetic material Angle or displacement will cause certain resistance or the change of the voltage, the variation of amplification by amplifying circuit, by single-chip microcomputer or analog signal output pulse signal after processing, to achieve the purpose of measuring. Compared with the traditional optical encoder, magnetoelectric encoder with vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution, anti-interference and the characteristics of wide temperature, can be applied to traditional optical encoder can not adapt to the field. Magnetoelectric encoder advantages due to the advantage of magnetoelectric encoder, in the high temperature, oil, dirt larger occasions, more appropriate than optical encoder. So the car a lot using magnetoelectric encoder to position feedback, such as the electric power system, the brake pedal position detection and so on. Magnetoelectric encoder another prominent advantage is its low cost. Output at the same time, small volume, high resolution also let magnetoelectric encoder won a higher cost performance. Mainstream magnetoelectric encoder usually can output the absolute value of more than 12 signals, with low radial magnetization of magnetic steel, as well as lower installation costs, make the magnetoelectric encoder in some bias consumer market won the unprecedented success of the application. Such as the current epidemic of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and the balance of the car, most manufacturers would choose cost-effective magnetoelectric encoder as feedback device, motor control to realize the closed-loop control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) yuntai and stabilization and balance of the car speed, direction and distance calculation. Shanghai electronics is a professional manufacturer of magnetoelectric encoder, widely used in robot, automatic production lines, automatic assembly machine, elevator, textile machinery, sewing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, CNC machine tools, mapper and goniometer, etc, but also in the PLC application as the high speed signal input element, make the PLC faster and more accurate to the implementation of the closed loop control, more applications to be discovered. 。 。 。 。 。 Dedicated, specialized established magnetoelectric encoder manufacturers supply safe and reliable products for you, find a magnetoelectric encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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