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The operation principle of the rotary encoder in millet intelligence desk lamp

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Released at the end of may millet millet intelligent LED desk lamp, the appearance of the minimalist design, active joints, adjustment is very easy. It's only a rotating button at the bottom, is through the rotary encoder which can adjust the brightness and color temperature adjustment, this knob reflected the intention of this product. Intelligent night light management, with the aid of the built-in rotary encoder, when recognition for night scene, night light pattern will start automatically open night light touch any key. With the popularity of smart home, there are more and more old household products are endowed with Internet thinking, use new science and technology, with a new look into everyone's life. The desk lamp of now is a good example. In recent years the rapid development of LED, LED desk lamp has become the mainstream of lamps and lanterns. Rotary encoder in millet intelligent lamp principle of work, then, is how to play its role in the LED's? Is through the LED controller to control its brightness and color temperature, in other words, is the ability to adjust the brightness and color. When rotating the LED controller, the controller inside the rotary encoder can produce different pulse signal, done by IC brightness adjustment, when press the switch on the rotary encoder rotation again, can realize the adjustment of color temperature. , of course, except through the rotary encoder to control can be controlled by touch panel to control, two methods of controlling each have advantages and disadvantages, touch control effect is poor, not enough accurate, if you want to achieve precise use, costs will increase accordingly. If you select the rotary encoder, can well solve the problem of the result is bad and not enough accurate, on price, rotary encoder more obvious advantages than the touchpad. Shanghai electronic 25 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, encoder industry took the lead through TS16949 ISO9001 ISO14001 quality certification, research and development production experience, trustworthy, looking for a rotary encoder electronics manufacturer is looking for Shanghai.
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