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The measuring method of the transducer

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Sensor has been used widely in home at present, but for the sensor measurements, some friends still not sure, today, electronic tell you three kinds of sensor measurement method, the hope can help you! System testing process, the need to apply to all kinds of sensors, sensor measurement and performance is the key factor detection task can smoothly. In the actual operation process, the need for different purposes and specific conditions were analyzed, and then find out the feasible measurement method, according to measurement method to choose the appropriate tool detection technology, forming a complete detection system, the actual measurement. About sensor measurement methods mainly include direct measurement and indirect measurement and measuring three forms, in this paper, the three methods of measurement for everyone to do, see what they are suitable for detecting system. Sensor detection method one: the direct measurement is when using sensors to measure instrument, the meter reading does not need to pass any operations, can be directly said measuring results you need. Using magnetoelectric current meter measurement circuit, for example, the current, with a spring tube type pressure gauge measuring the pressure of the boiler, etc. These all belong to direct measurement. Directly measuring the measurement process of the method is simple and rapid, defect is high measurement precision is not easy to do, this measure is widely used in engineering. Sensor detection method 2: indirect measuring in some occasions, be measured cannot or is not convenient for direct measurement, this request when using sensors to measure, the first to determine the functional relationship with the measured quantities of several quantity measurement, then put the function relation between the measured values into, calculated to get the desired results, this method is called indirect measurement. Indirect measurement is more than the number of need to measure by direct measurement, and calculation process is relatively complex, causes of error are also more, but if the analysis of error and select and determine the measurement method of optimization, under ideal conditions of indirect measurement, the precision of the measurement result is not necessarily low, sometimes also can get high accuracy of measurement. Indirect measurement is commonly used in inconvenient direct measurement or lack of direct measurements. Sensor detection method three: combined measurement in application of sensor instrument for measuring, if measured quantities must go through solving the simultaneous equations to get the final result, according to the measurement for the measurement. When combined measurement, generally need to change the test conditions, to obtain a set of simultaneous equations of data you need. Combined measurement is a kind of special precision measurement methods, operating procedure is complicated, time is very long, generally applies to scientific experiments or special occasions. Electronic sensors of three kinds of measurement means, we can do a brief comparison of each measurement method applicable scope is different, therefore, when choosing friends, should be based on the system of the actual situation of the comprehensive judgment.
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