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The lettering on the encoder model has what meaning?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
When we look carefully the encoder, it is not hard to find, encoder are meeting with, for example: B20K, A50K, C100K. 。 。 。 。 Such writing, so these represent what meaning? Today, electronic encoder on printing primary school asked quietly tell you! In fact, ABC represents the resistance changes characteristic of the encoder, and letters at the back of the Numbers represent the encoder adjustment value range. Oh ~ this explanation is a bit too official language, then let's take B20K under the detailed explanation to illustrate, encoder B20K, letter B represents the resistance changes characteristic of linear B, 20 k is equal to 20000 ohms, then B20K said the encoder is linear, adjust the resistance of 20 k B encoder. To understand the right now, is there? Encoder according to the resistance changes characteristics are divided into A, B, C three types, the following, electronic to analysis the changing characteristics of these three features: type A is exponential, exponential ( Inversion of logarithmic type) Encoder,, at the beginning of the rotational resistance changes a lot. In the corner, the more resistance to the end, the smaller the resistance changes. Exponential ( Inversion of logarithmic type) Encoder, resistance according to the relationship between rotation Angle according to the index changes, use this type of encoder in instrument, also apply to the tone control circuit, the encoder in resistance on the uneven distribution of conductive material, started turning as resistance varies widely; Small rotation Angle increases, the resistance of the change. Resistance changes in the relationship between the rotation Angle encoder number in pairs. So this kind of encoder is suitable for the audio tone control circuit of the circuit. Type B for the linear: the resistance on the conductive material uniform distribution, the resistance of unit length roughly equal, the rotation Angle encoder with the change of resistance in a straight line relationship, pressure for more point; Resistance according to the uniform rotation Angle change, suitable for partial pressure, monotonous, etc. More commonly used by linear encoder is this. Type C is logarithmic type, logarithmic type encoder, at the beginning of the rotational resistance to change is small, but in the corner, the more resistance to the end, the greater the resistance changes. Resistance according to the relation of rotation Angle according to the index, the encoder, uneven distribution of resistance on conductive material rotates at first, the change of the resistance is small; The change of the rotation Angle increases, the value is bigger. Electronic today to tell everyone about these little knowledge have a help to you is simple to learn the characteristics of the encoder? If you want to know more product can login electronic website: to check
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