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The incremental encoder or absolute encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary encoder with incremental encoder and absolute encoder, to choose what kind of encoder is applied to the equipment, make it is nerve-racking, we need to sort out ideas, before choosing which one to use rotary encoder you need to know the following contents: 1. The complexity of your application? 2. You need to control the parameters ( Speed, position, direction) ? 3. If the power is, you can return to the initial position to cost? 4. Your application requires performance levels ( Lap pulse number) ? 5. The encoder and other electronic devices in the system communication? Whether you need your system through a variety of communication agreement of a kind of communication? 6. If your application is cost sensitive applications? Incremental encoder generally applies only to simple application, regardless of the control device is counters, PLC and frequency converter, connect directly to the encoder and the controller. The difference between the absolute encoder type and incremental encoder biggest drawback of the incremental encoder is power system ( Such as temporary power outage) It won't track any by the encoder output of incremental change. Therefore, in order to provide accurate position data, the incremental encoder must return to the initial position at startup. For conveyor shut down every night, every morning, then restart the application, the incremental encoder to return to the initial position will not affect the application. But in automotive applications, such as the assembly of mechanical arm if welding power as the seat stent, incremental encoder to return to the initial position will be seriously damaged products and mechanical arm. Absolute encoder are ideal for high reliability. Unlike incremental encoder, absolute encoder will not output pulse, but output digital signals to indicate the encoder position, and the encoder position as a static reference point in the absolute coordinate system. Therefore, when power is absolute type encoder can still keep its absolute position record. After the restart the system can immediately restore movement, do not need to return to the initial position. Absolute rotary encoder has a connection on the shaft encoder and a fixed grating, the every trip point allows the system to generate a unique binary identifier. As code rotating to the fixed grating, the system will read regularly identifier, as several digital signal output. Relevant controller or inverter can poll the encoder to capture the location data, and can be directly used to the data or the processing for the speed of information. Awareness of the above information, I believe you should have a bottom to oneself to choose what kind of encoder. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of rotary encoder for 27 years, rotary encoder models complete, can perfect to replace encoder brand at home and abroad. 27 years old big encoder manufacturers, has a form a complete set of spare parts department, can according to customer demand custom encoder pulse and size, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the quality of large cargo carefree! Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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