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The encoder wiring method

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Some friends want to know the wiring method, encoder electronics today to introduce the encoder type, working principle, the encoder wiring method, hope everyone to understand the encoder. Encoder type encoder by regulating mode can be divided into straight slide type encoder and rotary encoder; According to use can be divided into ordinary, precise, fine-tuning, power and special encoder, according to the contact can be divided into two types: contact encoder and non-contact encoders. Working principle of the encoder encoder is a variable resistor. Usually consists of resistance and rotating or sliding system, namely the resistance by a moving contact on mobile, part of the output voltage. Encoder as a variable resistor, Suggestions for adjustment of voltage divider is used, at the same time the encoder, the load resistance of RL should not be less than 10 times resistance RT of the encoder. Encoder wiring method encoder in dc current regulating current, the moveable arm of a current through the encoder, because of the reason of the anodic oxidation will lead to abnormal increase of resistance. So suggest that resistance will be connected to the negative terminal, sliding arm to connect the anode. If dc current directly through the encoder, the encoder of the anode is oxidative damage, so as to make the impedance of the encoder, so it is best to current anode in the carbon membrane contact terminal, the anode in the with the brush ( The encoder contact) On the terminal. Shanghai has 25 years experience in research and manufacture of encoder is electronic factory, encoder models complete, the quality is reliable, professional! Focus! Trustworthy!
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