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The encoder used in various industries

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder is used widely in modern typical applications are: CNC machine tools, printing equipment, packaging machinery, conveyor belt, elevators, robots, wind power, cranes, etc. Accurate control tool and nc machine tools using rotary encoder workbench; Identify car floor elevator using rotary encoder; Conveyor belt use rotary encoder monitoring on the conveyor belt speed and object moving distance; Robot using rotary encoder monitoring tool position and move the drive shaft; Rotary encoder to control the position of the crane, measuring the speed of the crane, overspeed protection; Wind power generation using a rotary encoder control blade Angle and the speed of the wind power generation; Packaging machinery rotary encoder is used to measure the length of the target, calculating amount of packaging film; Printing equipment use rotary encoder to calculate the length of the paper, and confirm the cutting position and so on the series, shows that rotary encoder widely in modern industry, rotary encoder all shapes are not current specifications size, installation, can be customized according to user demand, regular size company stock for a long time. The domestic rotary encoder is economical. Rotary encoder are incremental encoder, absolute encoder, incremental encoder has a solid shaft, hollow shaft ( A hollow shaft) Has a solid shaft, hollow shaft encoder, absolute value encoder ( A hollow shaft) Encoder, rotation is divided into absolute value encoder single ring absolute encoder, absolute value encoder.
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