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The encoder the cause of the poor contact

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder poor contact will produce what problem? Causes of encoder poor contact is what? We take a look at the root of these problems in where? Encoder if poor contact will cause many bad problems, such as encoder murmurs, out of sync, there was no voice, voice big and small, and so on. These are customer most headache problem, we also do the encoder manufacturers the most headache problem. Because of poor contact the encoder is a big problem, is also easy to repeat problem. Encoder poor contact refers to the encoder brush with no good contact with encoder of carbon membrane. So the key point to solve the problem is to make the brush contact with carbon membrane. one Encoder brush at the time of frame joint, must complete inspection, check the contents of: rust brush? Is there any deformation. Brush frame has no deformation, etc. two Did check carbon carbon film trajectory of diaphragm rupture in order, etc. 3. Encoder assembly after check the handle, then use noise machine ( Our professional test encoder machine noise, Japanese products) All inspection. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, over the years, electronic control quality, won the industry and the customer the consistent high praise, the company has strict quality control process, production batch qualified rate & ge; 99. 3%, over the years, the strict requirements for quality, let the encoder in customer word of mouth, awarded by customers for many times' excellent suppliers, become a peer leader, looking for a cost-effective, quality seek electronic encoder manufacturer.
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