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The encoder model selection or change the matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Sometimes we need to change the rotary encoder, the rotary encoder selection should pay attention to what issues? We should from the following seven aspects. 1. Determine the type of rotary encoder. The type with incremental rotary encoder or absolute rotary encoder? Should be considered to allow the cost of the origin can reset when power on, control the speed, hand interference resistance, and so on. 2. The accuracy of the rotary encoder resolution: general for comprehensive precision machinery 1/2 - indeed A quarter. 3. Whether you need rotary encoder hollow axis or stem axis: according to the selected shaft installation space condition to decide. 4. Rotary encoder shaft allows load: consider different installation method of coaxial load state and mechanical life. 5. Rotary encoder high response frequency, the highest response frequency = ( Speed / 60) * resolution. 6. Rotary encoder; protection grade According to the use environment of dust, water, oil, etc. 7. Noise environment, etc. Shanghai electronic research and development manufacturing rotary encoder has 25 years, rotary encoder models complete, the encoder industry took the lead through TS16949 ISO9001 ISO14001 certification, quality and reliable, is rotary encoder supplier quality.
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