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The encoder model how to choose?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Many electronic components using encoder, with the expanding the scope of application of different industries products, type of encoder type more and more, for just the bank's procurement staff, variety could not from how to choose the proper encoder models. Electronic the following factors are summarized for your reference! First choose encoder, attention to the appearance of the encoder, the selection of structure. 1, the appearance of the encoder, such as logo, terminal, tap, shaft end forms, etc. , should conform to the requirements of the selection. 2, the resistance of the encoder used skeleton or the quality of the matrix. Order is: metal or gold, ceramic, organic glass, rubber board, tape, tape board. Before two kinds of wire wound, high power, high temperature and precision encoders skeleton or substrate, after four to pass l tao the skeleton of a small power potential or substrate. According to the purpose and the work environment to choose the proper encoder. 3, according to the installation way, the location, shape and size of space such as choice encoder 4, encoder drive form of exercise, and shall be fit for the requirement of adjusting mode when using. 5, when choosing the encoder, the parameters of the encoder points encoder to standard value, permissible error, contact resistance, or the size of the changes of the resistance and dynamic noise. Mechanical performance of the encoder, the terminal should be strong strong without loose phenomenon. Otherwise, poor contact, causing considerable noise. Control drive forward or reverse movement required torque should be uniform, and the moderate degree of elastic flexible, smooth and comfortable feel, can't hear the noise of mechanical noise. 6, choose purchase encoder, suppliers find encoder is very important also, encoder to stable quality, production availability to the foot, after-sales service is better, had better choose professional, encoder models complete, the appearance after the development and design to all the suppliers, in order to save time and effort to save money. Shanghai electronics is 26 years old encoder manufacturers, encoder models complete, good quality, trustworthy!
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