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The encoder mechanical properties is what?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
When we choose encoder from the encoder manufacturers we will see in the introduction of relevant encoder encoder mechanical properties of some parameters, then you know what the encoder mechanical properties are those nouns mean? Today we for encoder mechanical properties of those nouns explain for everybody. 1. Rotary Angle: refers to the rotary VR in turn from the end of the end to the other end test quantity to the Angle of the two. Whole slide stroke: refers to the direct sliding VR from the side of the slide to the other end at the end of the trip distance 3. Rotation ( Slide) Moment: refers to the VR from one end of the end rotation ( Or sliding) The force to the other end use. Rotary with torsion meter test, straight sliding type 4 is measured with a tensile tester. Terminal tightness: refers to the degree of terminal with resistors after riveting fastening, the test side edge of the resistance force, within the scope of the standard 5. Switch moment: refers to the VR in the process of switch switch from ON to OFF and switch from OFF to ON state when the force used by 6. Axis of retaining strength: ( A knob or push the handle) To VR1 end feet and 3 feet, measuring the force will destroy ( Will turn 360 degrees of rotation) 7. Axis of axial clearance: cooperate with shells or body straight to drawing the existing gap between 8. Axial shaking: axis and axis of shells or ontology matching between rock, the existing in the standard requirement, about stress will have force standard, also can have produced by shaking space quantity standard 9. Drawing strength: refers to the axis, knob, push the handle when outward and pull out the force used by 10. Midpoint off output: this is mainly refers to the product in the middle and CLICK ( Convex point) Sense of encoder, on both sides of the test to use when CLICK start function is 27 years old Shanghai electronic encoder manufacturers, can provide customers with a axis type, axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeve, all resistance, linear to on-demand customization, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, quality goods safe! Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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