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The encoder installation considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Many friends pay attention to the installation of rotary encoder, electronic today about the detail to you about the installation of the rotary encoder. 1. Attention firmly installed rotary encoder, in order to avoid vibration and loosening. 2. When rotary encoder shaft and machine shaft coupling, it is important to make sure that axial load does not exceed the maximum allowed. 3. When the shaft of the rotary encoder through coupling and shaft coupling of the machine, be sure to ensure no deviation. 4. Do not bind with rigid couplings. 5. Pay attention to lock the screw of the coupling so as not to loose in the using process. 6. Pay attention to choosing the appropriate coupling, because the weight of the coupling is also increase the axial load. 7. When bind with the conveyor belt, with a timing belt, transmission Angle are not accurate. 8. When using a timer wear send with, be sure to ensure the tension of the conveyor belt is appropriate. In use process please note belt installation and loose. 9. Must be avoided in the process of rotary radial load cause vibration and deviation of belt pulley. 10. When the rotary encoder shaft and machine shaft with a gear coupling, please avoid radial load causes the gear part or the whole vibration. 11. Must not through the coupling, the conveyor belt and gear to knock the encoder. 12. Control the shaft coupling vibration should be 0. 1 t。 我。 R。 When installing a rotary encoder, please be sure to watch for these 12 questions, if you have questions can be consulting us oh! Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of rotary encoder, 25 years, variety complete, reliable quality.
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