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The encoder installation considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
The encoder is used to adjust the size of the voltage and current, is widely used in the electronics field. When installing encoder so we should pay attention to what problem? Electronic summarizes ten questions point, hope everyone to pay more attention to the following problems in the installation process. 1. To keep tin plating processing of solder joints before welding, paint and dirt on the removal of solder joints. 2. When welding or install encoder, want to make logo is easy to observe. 3. Adjustable encoder to install where is easy to adjust. 4. High-power encoder to consider when installation radiator, especially to make full use of the radiation heat. 5. To take advantage of low power encoder conduction and convection. Although small power encoder lead decisive significance of thermal conductivity, but in the leads of the encoder on the printed circuit board or a short one, so that we can make use of the floor cooling. 6. Installing a encoder, fastening parts should be fixed firmly, avoid loose encoder, into the other components in the circuit. Some encoder, for example, on the face of rotational positioning column, have prevent shell when installation should pay attention to check whether the positioning column is correct in the installation location hole on the panel, avoid shell deformation. Rectangular fine-tuning encoder with screws, screw must not be too tight, avoid destroying the internal structure of the encoder. 7. Install the knob on the encoder shaft end not too big, should match the size of the encoder, avoid adjust rotational torque too big and destroy the dog inside the encoder. 8. Pin type of encoder, lead to prevent wire broken, bending or twisting wire is not allowed. 9. Encoder load circuit, pay attention to the right of three pin connection. 10. Appropriate to the welding time, shall not heat too long, to avoid shell softening deformation around the wire. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , production adjustable encoder for 25 years, specializing in the production of a variety of straight slide encoder, rocker encoder, hollow encoder is widely used in automotive electronics, mixer, smart home, intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances, game controllers, and other fields, if adjustable encoder selection in doubt can contact us for solution.
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