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The encoder in different term for different industries

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
People used to call the adjustable encoder, in different countries and different industries is different, you know? Encoder, Taiwanese love call VR, Hong Kong people call: turbine, as for foreigners can only call: potentiometer, there are a lot of people call: adjustable resistance. Because the encoder is a can adjust the size of the volume resistance, so the adjustable resistance for short. Also known as: fine-tuning, the principles are the same. And then see what he is doing industry also, if you are the buyer headset manufacturers, perhaps your engineers: tuner or tuning is refers to the encoder. Portable DVD players and other portable audio if you do, estimates that you may become a phrase: drive-by-wire or programmable. Other do audio call: the volume regulator, or the volume switch, etc. Encoder segmentation up to still have a lot of, of course, as we have a dial wheel rotary encoder, customers like call: dial encoder, or dial the wheel encoders. This is according to the shape. Also have according to the action of the encoder state to call: walk straight slide encoder or sliding encoder is because encoder is sliding track, rotary encoder because encoder work trajectory is rotating. So, we see the adjustable encoder is applied to the different functions of different industries, so the name is different, if you have any requirements, procurement encoder oh can elaborate on your demand.
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