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The encoder and resistance testing matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder and resistance test in the process of some incorrect way will lead to the result of measurement is not accurate, electronics, summarizes the following method to correct encoder and resistance, are you doing? In tests, the line insulation resistance is not high in attachment, tend to improperly and the sample under test, such as sampling resistor in parallel, can bring great influence the measurement result. Therefore to reduce the measurement error, should adopt protection technology, installed on the leakage current of line protection, the conductor to basically eliminate the influence of the stray current is the result of the test; High voltage line-to-line ionization on the surface, of a leak, so try to use high insulation, large wire diameter of high pressure wire as high voltage output line and try to shorten the wires, reduce tips, put an end to the corona discharge; Use the insulation materials such as polyethylene, ptfe test bed and to support the body, to avoid the test value is low due to this reason. Resistance and encoder test (1) appearance inspection for fixed resistor first check mark clear, paint is in good condition, no burning, no scar, no cracks, no corrosion, resistance body closely contact with pins, etc. Should also check for the encoder shaft flexible, elastic, comfortable feel. A switch to check whether the switch action normally. Diction multimeter use multimeter to check the fixed resistance the resistance is measured electric block, for measuring resistance of different resistance to choose different times by blocking multimeter. For pointer multimeter, due to the readings is nonlinear electric block, the greater the resistance, the readings more closely, so choose the appropriate range, whose hands deflection Angle is big, should be instructed to 1/3 to 2/3 full range, more accurate readings. If measured value exceeds range of the error of the resistance, resistance is infinite, resistance to 0 or unstable resistance, suggests that the resistor has been bad. Pay attention to in the measurement of resistance of the hand do not come in contact with the two lead JiaoXiang of encoder resistor, such meetings make hand shows the resistance of the measured resistance in parallel, and affect the measuring accuracy. In addition, cannot be charged case with multimeter resistor of resistance in an electric barrier detection circuit. On-line inspection shall, first of all, without electricity, will the resistance from the circuit break out again, and then measured. Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of encoder, CLP yuan association member unit, the resistance encoder encoder quality, cost-effective, the encoder has been for many years by the quality based on market, withstand all kinds of inspection and test, the encoder model, find the encoder manufacturers are looking for electronics.
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