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The encoder and counter with matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder used with counter to measure the movement of the production line distance, Angle, quantity, etc. Its biggest advantage is that it's accurate, so has been popular with users. The rotary encoder can move in a circle to produce dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of pulse signal, far more than other test such as proximity switch, so can realize accuracy is much higher, this is the charm of it! So, rotary encoder and counter what problems should be paid attention to when used? Electronic summary for everyone today when used under the four considerations. Use rotary encoder and the counter with the note 1: when choosing rotary encoder, within the scope of the permit, try to choose encoder pulse count higher model. The advantage is, can make each pulse represented by the value smaller, so that can realize the higher the precision. Of course also cannot blindly requirements of high precision, and at the same time also need to consider the counter to receive the maximum response speed. So, this should consider when using parameters such as speed. For example: if the required accuracy when using 1 mm, after conversion, the length of each pulse encoder represents choice as far as possible in 0. 1 mm or so, can ensure no accident, the precision is enough. When the counter at the rate of 10000 PPS, the maximum response of the encoder is 1000 PPR, the maximum speed of the encoder is not more than 10 RPS, to improve the speed, you can only increase the maximum response speed counter, the number of pulses or sacrifice encoder accuracy. Here is the highest speed, rather than the average speed. Design should consider the actual is garnering deceleration time, is at the highest speed is higher than that of the average velocity. Use rotary encoder and counter with the note 2: when the rotary encoder and the counter connection, try using phase difference input mode. Why do you do? 1. Phase difference, the vibration of error can be avoided, for example: when using single phase input, if the encoder is shaking ( Equipment is unable to avoid vibrations, just affected by the size difference between relatively) , as a result of the encoder are rolled back, will cause the counter will count, at this time, we can completely avoid vibration when using the phase difference of error ( Forward and inversion: one plus a minus, to finally did not change) 。 2. Phase difference, can avoid the interference of error, for example, in use process, if there is disturbed, the single phase wave signal, the counter will not counting as signal processing, unless both believe, just the interference and two interference fit is perfect. Thus, it can avoid many error problem. Use rotary encoder and counter with the note 3: count actuator output to consider equipment whether to keep up with the speed. Generally use occasions require speed, but the need to counter output, then the executive body of the device should consider whether can keep up with the speed. For example: the encoder with 5000 pulses per second output, each pulse on behalf of 0. 1 mm, and the counter with relay output, the output control equipment to stop walking, and then using the action of the cutting, so, then consider to you the output of the actuator can keep up with the speed. Each pulse 0. 1 mm, the accuracy in 1 mm or less. The action time of the relay and counter? Better for 20 or 30 milliseconds, bigger need 100 mm. In 100 ms of time, can also act? About 500 pulses, represents the 50 mm, the precision of the error is much greater than the need, if not to stop after cutting, but direct cutting ( Don't stop) , the cutting mechanism of the execution time is longer. So produce error, you can imagine. Rotary encoder and counter with note 4: how to avoid the interference in the process of using this problem? Because, these are all low voltage signal, many vendors to save time, space, energy, the high voltage cables and signal lines banding together to wiring, susceptible to interference, grounding equipment are in need, the signal lines as far as possible use the shielded wire. Summarizes the above four points for attention to your use of rotary encoder and counter work have help? Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Is a rotary encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of rotary encoder for 25 years, you have any questions on design requirements can contact our professional engineer, will give you the best configuration scheme.
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