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The encoder abnormal what reason be? How to solve the encoder failure?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Encoder of the electronic components are widely used in electronic field, but in the process of the encoder to use can sometimes appear a few problems, such as encoder murmurs, handle, total resistance, synchronization, noise problem such as size, terminal riveting degree. According to the above problem encoder engineering together discuss reasons were analyzed. Encoder noise problem for contact with the Lord is not caused by smooth and reliable, generally for carbon membrane surface is too rough, deformation of the brush, the two parts surface dirt and unreliable. Encoder feel is main to interference, rough or entities and deformation on the surface of the rotation, shrapnel freedom is differ, high oil inequality. Encoder is the total resistance exceeds the environmental factors ( The change of the change in temperature, humidity) , assembly and riveting tight carbon plate deformation. Encoder synchronization problems mainly happens on the double encoder, because two couplet brush with carbon plate out of sync, carbon material printing adverse change of linear inequalities. The encoder switch small noise, light intensity is usually spring deformation ( Or deformation of artificial installation) And interference of mating parts, etc. Encoder terminal riveting tightness is not tight or split rivet pin was not worthy, carbon material embrittlement in manufacturing process, small carbon plate terminal hole, etc. Find the encoder supplier is very important, not cheap to ensure quality. In addition to the difference of raw materials, and also on the production process there, anything but cheap cheap encoder is not good, and your encoder, in addition to you what all good, customer satisfaction and recognition is our forever pursuit of the goal, to get a customer is not easy, to lose a customer may be because of poor quality, branding, looking for good quality and cost-effective encoder electronics manufacturer is looking for Shanghai.
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