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The developing course of adjustable encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
The so-called adjustable encoder is a kind of can change the size of the resistance rheostat by external forces. How much resistance changes, resistance changes speed, resistance changes accuracy height, total how many ohm resistance value, these parameters depend on level of high and low adjustable encoder products. At present our country independent production of adjustable encoder can be realized. Why say has a sea change? Encoder is actually quite simple, this product is a few people can produce, 200 people can produce, but want to make this product production is no problem, the encoder quality has been stable and then see if encoder manufacturers have the ability of innovation and perfect management process. Encoder development of our country so far is a certain level. From the analysis on the structure of the encoder. Key components encoder is by axis, shaft sleeve, shell, dynamic, brushes, carbon plate and terminals. Axis, shaft sleeve, shell, terminal are metal stamping materials, is plastic, this is don't have to worry about, no problem, our country Japan Germany at present. , is the key component is a brush and carbon brush material use level and the carbon plate printing is in place, whether the level of high-end relationship with encoder. Encoder brush currently used material is phosphor copper, beryllium copper, cupronickel. High-end is generally use beryllium copper. And more high-end brush is to use wire, wire price is very expensive. Carbon piece part is relatively more important, because the surface of carbon carbon layer and silver printing and the stand or fall of material diameter affects the quality of the encoder. And of course and production control and the production environment has some impact. The key is the discretion of the material and printing technology has a direct impact. Currently on the market a lot of user requirements is resistance symmetry. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Since 1991, research and development production of adjustable encoder, with years of experience in research and development of manufacturing industry customer consistent high praise.
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