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The definition and features of incremental encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Incremental encoder is converting displacement into periodic signal, and then convert the electrical signals into count pulse, with the size of the displacement of the number of pulse said. The encoder is the angular displacement or linear displacement is transformed into electric signal of a device. Contact output, using brush a brush contact conductive area or insulation area to represent the state of the code is' 1 'or' 0 '; Acceptance of non-contact sensor is photosensitive components or magnetic sensor, using photosensitive element to pervious to light and opaque to represent the state of the code is' 1 'or' 0 '. Incremental encoder shaft rotates, have corresponding pulse output, the discrimination and pulse number of increase or decrease in the direction of rotation with the sentenced to circuit and at the back of the counter. Its starting point count set arbitrary, can realize many infinite accumulation and measurement. Can also turn each signal a pulse Z, mechanical zero as a reference. Encoder outputs one revolution of the shaft fixed pulse and pulse number is determined by the encoder grating on the number of lines. Need to improve resolution, can use A 90 - degree phase difference of A and B two way signal to frequency doubling, the pulse number of the primary or replace high resolution encoder.
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