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The choice of rotary encoder shaft considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-08
Rotary encoder as the electronic components of semi-finished products used in various industries, heavily used in the field of common rotary encoder are carbon film encoder, welding line terminal encoder, conductive plastics, synthetic carbon film encoder encoder and so on, these are belong to the resistance type encoder. The working principle of rotary encoder: brush is through contact with mechanical contact resistance. Rotary encoder used in a wide range of fields, such as equipment, communications equipment, household appliances, car amplifier, radio, megaphone, etc, also used in circular sheet encoder, no pin because of its light quality, small size, large range of adjustable resistance, good stability, etc. Rotary encoder shaft selection considerations for fine-tuning resistance value and rotary encoder as resistance value can be adjusted, but the fine-tuning of the encoder resistance regulation after the fixed without constant adjustment. Rotation is a rotary encoder is introduced into the rotary motion artifacts, the axis of rotation encoder value size adjustment. When choose a shaft requirement for shaft size precision and smooth finish, to ensure that the feel is good, low noise, and have a certain mechanical strength.
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