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The advantages of the rotary coding switch

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary coding switch, etc. , also known as rotary encoder, digital encoder is often used in electronic products. So, my friends when you need to find a rotary coding switch when the product is in fact the electronic production of rotary encoder, the name is different, actual it is the same kind of product. So my friends find the rotation of the coding switch ( The rotary encoder) And what are the advantages? Rotary coding switch advantages: rotary encoder has rotate 360 degrees, the adjusting range is extensive, adjust the speed variable, controlled, lower noise, long life advantages, rotary encoder function similar to the encoder to a certain extent, but its structure, working principle and method of use completely different with ordinary encoder, the application in the digital circuit has a lot of, such as changing the size of the volume, the speed of the motor, etc. Rotary coding switch is a device can be used to replace analog encoder, the commonly used rotary coding switch rotation - 20 weeks output pulse, on behalf of each pulse coding switch rotate a certain Angle, rotary coding switch have 3 and 5 pin, 5 feet more than 3 feet only 2 buttons pin, the other three pin function and the rotation of the only three pin code switch function is the same, rotates respectively output pulse, the left-handed and a right-handed, encoder, the output waveform is shown in figure 1 ( 一) And figure 1 ( b) Shown below.
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