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The advantages and disadvantages of carbon film encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Carbon film encoder is the most widely in the application of adjustable encoder, so everyone's understanding of carbon membrane encoder and how many? Carbon membrane encoder composition: it is the resistance of the body grinding of carbon black, quartz, graphite, such as raw materials, coating on the surface of the encoder substrate. Why market widely application of carbon membrane encoder? Because its process is simple, the raw material is common, so the carbon film encoder by market favour. The kinds of carbon film encoder: a large, small, micro, some encoder and switch together with switch. Carbon film linear encoder: carbon film encoder in horseshoe rubber sheet of paper is coated with a layer of carbon membrane. Among its resistance changes and the relationship between the contact position line and logarithm model and exponential 3 kinds. Carbon film encoder are large, small, mini several volume resistance variation characteristics are linear, exponential, logarithmic type three kinds, the most commonly used is about 6 mm in diameter value change into the linear encoder carbon membrane, also have and switch of a body, called carbon membrane switch encoder. The advantages of carbon film encoder: high life, literally force is high, the wearability. Carbon membrane encoder faults: nonlinear, resistant to moisture performance is weaker, noise big current, resistance stability is bad. After Shanghai electron of carbon membrane is adjustable, the interpretation of the encoder believe we have a full understanding of carbon membrane encoder, choose if product appropriate choice is also very good, 25 years, Shanghai electronic production adjustable encoder has a variety of encoder can choose, if necessary, consult us.
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