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The advantages and application fields of hollow encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Hollow encoder now is widely used, the advantages of electronic describe the hollow encoder for everyone today and is suitable for applications of hollow encoder. The advantages of hollow encoder, summed up the following three points: type a, hollow shaft encoder trunnion sizes out of adapted to the motor shaft, and can be flexibly adjust position by spring leaf; Type 2, hollow shaft encoder is a very flexible encoder, his characteristic is compact, convenient adjustment, to adapt to a variety of applications; Three way of clamping, hollow shaft encoder and spring leaf structure makes it can adjust the position and very convenient to absorb vibration and impact load. Along with the expansion of application, more connections in the hollow encoder is by far the most common type. Hollow hollow encoder encoder application field is well versed in shaft by hollow shaft rotation coding switch, general purpose for the vehicles, such as car DVD player, stereo equipment, LCD monitor, air conditioning, remote control, microwave oven, oven, washing machine and other household appliances. Shanghai electronics has 25 years experience in the development and manufacture hollow encoder, hollow encoder from 18 mm size 60 mm aperture multiple-choice, widely used in various brand car audio navigation air conditioning car series, such as looking for hollow find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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