Straight and smooth encoder structure analysis

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Straight and smooth product structure of the encoder you understand? Today, electronic brought together to meet straight slide encoder, understand the importance of straight slide encoder structure and structure analysis of straight slide encoder. Straight and smooth encoder is relatively complex, structure type is more, in addition to collecting and terminal, there are other structures, such as shaft sleeve, etc. Straight slide encoder structures. Axis, sliding handle, screw shaft is a rotary encoder is introduced into the rotary motion artifacts; Slide the handle is straight slide type encoder into linear motion artifacts; Screw is screw driver type encoder attract many rotary motion artifacts. Straight slide encoder system of sliding straight sliding motion artifacts and other sliding contact component encoder or rotating component drive mechanism. Drive mechanism from the external introduction of mechanical movement, driving the moving contact ( Brush) The floorboard of the resistance along the sliding part. It is called the rotation system in rotary encoder; In straight slide type encoder is called sliding system. Straight and smooth the role of the encoder rotation axis promised to have higher dimensional precision and smooth finish, to ensure that the rotating or sliding smooth, feel is good, work low noise; It should also have a certain mechanical strength, to guarantee the heritability does not occur in the process of deformation and fracture. These artifacts in the encoder assembly with all electrical insulation components. Straight and smooth encoder component material these artifacts commonly used brass, steel, aluminum alloy, nickel chromium steel and plastic etc. Brass and steel shaft need to be plated chains protective layer; Nickel chrome steel corrosion, do not need metallized coating, often used in precision encoder; Aluminum alloy has corrosion resistance point, and light weight, cheap, but worse than nickel-chromium steel strength. Plastic can save metal materials, molding forming efficiency is high, and the function of the safety of a high voltage product insulation shaft. Straight and smooth shaft sleeve is with the rotating shaft encoder shaft sleeve action ( Or screw) Keep precision movable fit Ann cylinder, it can be with base to form a whole Hugh artifacts. General threaded sleeve also install a role. In rapid encoder, with ball bearing its high precision, low friction; Turn the long service life. Bushing materials should be easy to publication, inner hole size precision, has enough mechanical strength, commonly used materials such as brass, steel and aluminum alloy, some still need to electroplating layer, plastic insulation sleeve is useful.
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