Straight and smooth encoder nominal resistance testing

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Nominal value of straight slide encoder how to test? There are quite a few friends want to know, electronic today to tell everyone about this simple measurement method to determine whether a straight slide encoder bad. Nominal resistance measuring straight slide encoder steps: first of all, want to choose the appropriate range, multimeter resistance, then two pens and respectively in the encoder between two fixed pin welding pieces, first measure total resistance is the same as the nominal value of the encoder. If the measured resistance to infinity or a nominal value is big, the variable values indicate that the encoder has open or damaged. Then two center table respectively by MAO encoder head and two sides of the fixed end, handle, slowly turn the encoder to spin its position from one extreme to another extreme position. Usually encoder, whose hands indicating resistance from the nominal value (multimeter Or 0 Ω) Continuous variation to 0 Ω ( Or nominal value) 。 During the whole rotation, whose hands should be smooth change, and should not have any beat phenomenon. If in the process of adjusting the resistance value, whose hands have beat phenomenon, show that the encoder is poor contact failure. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , is straight and smooth encoder manufacturer, specializing in the production of straight slide encoder 25 years, the detection problem can also ask us oh!
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