Straight and smooth encoder easy bad what reason be?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Customers often put it straight and smooth encoder is used to adjust the volume, tones, adjust the balance, today we are going to meet straight slide encoder, and to find out the reason for the straight slide encoder easy to bad. Straight slide encoder is a kind of carbon film encoder common encoder, its working principle, main is to rely on slides on the sliding bar in carbon membrane resistance to change. Straight slide encoder is also one of the most widely used encoder, its body is made of ground carbon membrane resistance, graphite, quartz and other materials coated on the surface of the matrix system, relatively speaking, this kind of straight slip encoder adjustment up not only more convenient, its life is relatively long, relatively high resolution. Wear resistance is relatively good. Straight slide encoder will have some reason leads to easy fault occurs, the bad, the encoder that straight slide type carbon film encoder easy bad what are some specific reason? One, straight sliding type carbon film encoder is nonlinear, the nonlinear encoder to use not very regular, a bit not note will be short circuit. Two resistant to moisture, straight sliding type carbon film encoder performance is bad, place preservation environment temperature have to be careful, such as bad placed in a dry place, the encoder would have been easy to broken. Three, straight sliding type encoder carbon membrane resistance stability is bad, although their resistance is very good, but not when they adjust to the corresponding value to keep the stability of resistance, toss and turn, carbon film the carbon film on the encoder will be erase, encoder in carbon membrane easily broken. Four, other artificial reasons, due to some disadvantages of carbon film encoder, staff will have some inevitable reasons cause carbon film encoder damage. Shanghai electronic 26 years, specializing in the production of straight and smooth encoder from 4 mm stroke - 100 mm trip straight slide encoder model complete specifications, the market with a variety of light straight slide encoder and straight slide motor encoder we all have, if you have any needs, can contact us to recommend suitable products. Looking for straight slip encoder manufacturers and electronics.
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