Sound of the top grade volume encoder value how to choose?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Engaged in audio electronics design friend, believe that everyone is no stranger to the front-end encoder. But when making sound kind of electronic design, the first level of encoder resistance to determine it is a question that make the new design is very upset! How much is the common grade encoder resistance before? Choose how much value encoder to meet the requirements of the design of the circuit? Today, electronic encoder resistance sure this problem to analysis and research. Generally speaking, the stereo type of circuit resistance of the power amplifier encoder is commonly 50 k or 100 k. The encoder is sliding variable resistor connect point! According to different needs its resistance change can be divided into linear encoder, logarithmic type encoder, index type ( Against the number) Three of the encoder. Actually the sound volume encoder is logarithmic type encoder, its resistance in 47 - commonly Between 100000 euro. During the construction for more carbon film brush brush type or wire. Brush and wire for more high-grade encoder, this type of encoder performance is far superior to ordinary reed encoder. The actual choice, we shall, according to the equipment before the output impedance of the amplifier to determine the direction. Example: most audio CD, DAC, DVD, booth and so on, its output impedance approaches such as 100 (k), so the former level of encoder usually 100 k; And most of the level before the output impedance is 50 k, so after more than 50 k level amplifier volume encoder; Here, electronic remind you, also some special, such as: 10 k - - 470 k. This approach is for the sake of impedance to match as far as possible, before and after reducing the distortion. General coaxial output circuit, the output device to output interface in parallel or in series 75 ohm resistor, DAC is in series or parallel 75 ohm resistor input interface, the impedance of the coaxial cable is 75 ohms. Truth is the same, also for impedance matching. Volume encoder as the front-end load, average level before the design of design output impedance matching, the actual application, allowed in a certain range to choose. The original use of 50 k encoder replace with 100 k, the condition is not very good conditions is acceptable. Today, the new design of sound level first volume encoder resistance selection have a certain direction and train of thought? If you need to learn more, welcome to login to learn more!
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