Sound is not equal to the power volume, the linear encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
On this question, you may be misled by two illusion. First, the machine gain size of illusion. Second, the illusion caused by the characteristics of the encoder. The following problems illustrate why is encoder. Encoder is a change of signal strength parts, rotary encoder is actually the process of changing the attenuation coefficient, minimum position is zero, the largest position is 1. But in the process of a certain position corresponding to the attenuation coefficient of each encoder is not the same, such as spin to half the position is not attenuation coefficient is 0. 5. If is half attenuation coefficient is half, 1/4 attenuation coefficient is 1/4, this encoder is called linear encoder. But people have long been aware of our human ear's sense of the volume is not linear, the signal attenuation by half sound does not feel is small by half, in order to make the attenuation process can meet the characteristics of human listening, and there was a feature called index of the encoder. Index characteristic performance attenuation characteristic of first slow, quick, but because it is offset by the human ear listening on the nonlinear, on the contrary make listening feel is uniform. So in the classical theory of circuit design, the volume is exponential encoder. If you are using a linear encoder to do volume encoder, when a little volume will feel great. In the dead of night, unable to get smaller volume, is difficult to control the volume. This is because the machine too fast can reach its maximum power output, actually to raise again increase the power output of the machine is very limited, even distortion. As for the front say the index of encoder, compared with the linear encoder, using the encoder position in the same volume can feel small, but don't have to worry about maximum output power loss. Index of the encoder is the useful to adjust the scope has been broadened, and the possible phenomenon and therefore cause the distortion of power in the range compressed to the minimum. So according to the formal design concept, if made the volume adjustment with linear encoder, would be considered not mistake is ignorance. But in order to make the power machine is people feel a bit bigger, direct say, is to be people, in order to win in competition mentioned in this paper, some manufacturers still do that.
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