Small powder organic fertilizer production line

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Small organic fertilizer production line is to put the large number of organic fertilizer production line to narrow, the overall process or a principle, suitable for upfront capital investment little site users, the organic fertilizer market now is we can all see that * * * in support, using organic fertilizer production line to produce organic fertilizer is by * * * advocate, government aid and giving * * *, and small organic fertilizer production line don't need to how much money can be directly set up, some small farms can be the small organic fertilizer production line set up directly to the land in their beds, so that you can direct the livestock and poultry manure fermentation rotten used to make organic fertilizer. With the constant improvement of the awareness of food quality, makes the increase in the use of organic fertilizer, for organic fertilizer production enterprises has brought unprecedented opportunities. Organic fertilizer production line equipment make livestock manure as organic fertilizer, effectively implement the waste recycling, reduce the environmental pollution, and save the resources. Organic fertilizer production line powdered organic fertilizer production line is designed for beginning users, we consider the user because to begin with, the economy there is not enough money, worry about organic fertilizer equipment price is expensive, but oneself to have no local processing, farm waste and environmental pollution, within a few are in the bad smell, so our company will design a set of small powder organic fertilizer production line, both can solve the less investment back into action faster, and don't have to worry about a market problem ( For personal use or local sales) , powdered organic fertilizer production line of a complete set of 100000 yuan, low costs is solve the problem of environmental pollution and increases the income is a good project of our farmers get rich. Other projects may apply for the local government subsidies. Powdered organic fertilizer production line equipment include: organic double cast machine, grinder, bedroom of half wet material mixer ( Must add accessories is optional) Drum screening machine, belt conveyor, Belt length according to the scene and decide) , automatic packaging machine. Fermentation tank and sites accounted for about 200 square meters of production ( Can design according to customer's field situation reduce cover an area of) 。 According to the above process organic fertilizer production line equipment, according to the proportion of production technology formula, can produce the * * * * * * standard organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer prospect is very good environmental protection projects, also to give * * * * * * support policy. Relevant tags:
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